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Emotional Hunger vs physical Hunger

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Pernah tak korang craving nak makan pizza? Cheese cake? Cheese tart? Rainbow cake?

Something sweet.

Atau pun craving nak makan fast food even sebenarnya sejam yang lalu baru sahaja makan nasi.

Mari kita cek ouself either we actually emotional hunger or physical hunger

Aku pun pernah alaminya. Sometimes it happen when we feel stress on something happen to ourlife maybe work overload, family,relationship n so on. and we think the best solution is EAT.

Macam mana cara nak atasinya. Simple. Control ourself first. Ingat balik why we need to lose weight. Do you think,after u eat, all this problem  will solve? Cool down. Take a deep breath.

Tengok picture2 artis or people yang you inspire with their body n lifestyle. so that, ur 'WHY' will become bigger rather than your problem.

Make yourself as busy as you can. So you will forget to eat unhealthy food.

Setakat ni, tu sahaja yg boleh aku kongsi bersama. See you next time.

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